Our vision

A creative vision

SITCO is a designer and creator of unique experiences between brands and consumers at the point of sale. Designer and manufacturer of displays and POS advertising, SITCO's innovative approach ensures the success of commercial actions of brands.

From creation to manufacturing, realized devices meet the needs of brand differentiation for a successful and sustainable consumer in store experience.

A personalized, innovative and co-constructive approach for unique devices

A global mastery

and innovation

Inspired by the brand identity, the design team use innovative techniques to create POS materials and give life to concepts created in studio.

Interdisciplinary Skills

Sitco masters different stages of the production process: design, prototyping, printing, cutting, assembly, filling, storage, installation and copacking.

Experience and proximity

Each project is paced by a continual dialogue and a proactive awareness of the clients needs. This personalized and attentive approach, as well as the reactivity of our teams is the foundation upon which Sitco is based on.

European influence

SITCO benefits from a multiple site network (Paris and Central Region) on a national level and SITCO has European presence with the support of the Italian group AGR. The local sales teams travel to meet customers throughout France. The design offices of our various units work in teams on projects and subjects requiring shared skills and knowledge. SITCO has also built a network of European partners to support its customers’ POS projects, at an international level.

The strength of a group



Founded in 1959 • Turnover: 50M€ • 150 employees • 1 site • Solidboard packaging, offset printing



Founded in 1978 • Turnover: 59M€ • 215 employees • 2 sites • Industrial displays, corrugated cardboard packaging, offset printing



Founded in 1976 • Turnover: 22.5M€ • 120 employees • 2 sites • Floor and counter displays, event & multi material POS solutions



Founded in 1983 • Turnover: 28M€ • 100 employees • 1 site • Temporary, semi-temporary and permanent POS displays

An environmental approach

SITCO is committed to an eco-citizen and eco-friendly approach to its production process. Positive and forward-looking values give customers' POS projects an additional token of high quality.

Positive values looking towards the future.

FSC certified, SITCO uses cardboard raw materials from responsibly managed forests and refuses to use products labeled "toxic" in the printing process.


 SITCO commits to reducing the impact of its activity on the environment.  The company is certified ISO 14001 and yearly continues its efforts in mastering energy consumption, waste management and safety.