Meuble “Le journal d'une grosse nouille”

Full cardboard
illustration du projet
Les éditions MILAN Floor display Books, Stationery
The client brief

The client wished to launch a floor display to promote the new “grosse nouille” book collection and to increase instore visibility. Visually appealing and fun, it should attract younger consumers as well as adults.

Our designer’s advice

SITCO’s design team developed a floor display with several different levels, to maximise product visibility and enable children to be able to reach the books. The design offers a large communication space for optimal visibility and efficient instore attractability.

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A floor display that adapts to tall and small alike

Technical features:
  • Type: preassembled stocking floor display, filled instore
  • Dimensions: width 450 mm x depth 600 mm x height 1450 mm
  • Advertiser: MILAN Publishers