Animation Captain Morgan

Full cardboard
illustration du projet
CAPTAIN MORGAN Special Promotional and event POS Food, beverages, wine & spirits
The client brief

The main objective of this project was to give a new dynamic to the sales by creating an attractive sales event. The concept that was developed has a strong visual link with pirates, emphasizing the brand identity, as well as providing a modular and practical system with plenty of storage space.

Our designer’s advice

SITCO’s design team proposed an original and technically challenging solution. Quickly assembled at the sales point, this solution consists of two automatic stocker displays, which can hold the weight of products (190 bottles). The design solution is shaped like a boat (bow, mast, sail) to attract the maximum amount of in-store customer attention and the solution is made of 100% cardboard to enable easy recycling.

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A POS event solution 100% cardboard 100% original

Technical features:
  • Type: Promotional event POS
  • Distribution network: hypermarkets, large retailers
  • Dimensions: length 1500mm x width 820mm x height 2200mm
  • Advertiser: MHD